Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our 7th Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary. Jim and I went to dinner and had a wonderful evening remembering our wedding day.

Alyssa and Zac a Year Ago and Today--So cute!!!!

Alyssa and Zachary hanging out with Brooke

Alyssa and Zachary a year ago

This such a cute video of Zac and Alyssa that Brooke took of the kids last summer. It is hard to imagine that this little guy, who sits there so peacfully would grow up to be a ball of NON STOP ENERGY now!! Alyssa always loved to pet Zachary on the face like you would do to a dog. She loved to call him BUD. It is really neat to watch. Thought you would enjoy watching.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Well Alyssa won top magazine sales in the whole school!!! The student who sold the most magazines!! She won a limo ride to lunch with the principal.
This hugh snake is a school tradition. The classroom who has the top sales gets to keep the snake in there classroom. So since Alyssa's classroom also won top sales by a classroom (selling the most magazines out of all the classrooms), they get the snake. This snake is a bigtime bragging right! It was so cute watching the kids walking out of the school on to the blacktop today, they were all holding on to the snake and as they came out of the building, all the parents clapped and cheered for them.
Alyssa is so excited that she was able to raise over $1200.00 for the school. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED ALYSSA OUT! Here is a little video of the principal announcing Alyssa as top magazine seller. Congrats ALYSSA!!!!Posted by Picasa

Friends Forever!!!

Alyssa had the funnest playdate with her long time friend Hope!!! We went to the swimming pool, played games and ate a ton of pizza. These 2 girls are the best of friends and always have so much fun playing together. Zac loves hanging out with them too!! Thanks Hope for being such a dear friend to Alyssa. We love you!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Zac's Birthday

Zac's birthday has offically been booked. We are celebrating Zac's 2nd birthday on Sunday, October 5th at 3pm at our house. It will be a choo choo of a good time!!! (Zac loves choo choo trains.) Just wanted to keep everyone posted incase there was a conflict. Invitations are going out in the next few weeks so look for them in the mail.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Video of Uncle Brad and the kids

Here is a cute little clip of the kids with Uncle Brad. Uncle Brad always has so much fun with the kids.

After School Snack at Aunt Beth's House

The kids had so much fun at Aunt Beth's house!!! They both enjoyed laughing, playing the piano and of course lots of yummies!!! Thanks Aunt Beth for such a fun after school outing. Uncle Brad popped in to say HELLO. The kids always have a blast with Aunt Beth and Uncle Brad.
Zac and Aunt Beth
Alyssa and Aunt Beth
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cardinal Game and Pirate party all in one weekend!!

Well we had a busy weekend!! From a Cardinal Game on Saturday to a Pirate Party on Sunday. Our kids were exhausted. Both kids were actually in bed tonight at 8pm. And within 5 minutes they were both sound asleep. Yeah for them and for momma, I get to BLOG!!! Alyssa and Zac both had so much fun at this pirate party. Alyssa's friend Chloe invited her and Chloe's mom, Erin and her husband, Andrew always do such a wonderful job with Chloe's party's. They are so good at making sure all the kids have fun and are so involved in many projects. WE HAD A BLAST!!! Take a look at the slideshow. WOW WHAT A CAKE!!!! Thanks for inviting all of us Erin and Andrew and Chloe!!! Click on the slideshow and you can watch some of the video from the water balloon PIRATE FIGHT!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Aunt Rose

The kids love saying bye bye to Aunt Rose, so I had to get Zachary saying Bye Bye to aunt Rose, it is just too cute. He calls her "RO RO"

Monday, August 18, 2008

First day of 1st Grade

Alyssa's first day of 1st grade

Well I knew this day would finally come, Alyssa's first day of First Grade at St. Clare School. I actually did not cry and was great until I walked out of her class room and got alittle weepy.
When I picked Alyssa up from school, I asked her how her day was and she said "Mommy first grade is so much better then kindergarten" So then I was okay. My little girl is growing up!!Ms. Johns is her teacher and she really likes her. So I will continue to post more pictures throughout the school year.

This is such a powerful video


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aunt Joanne's pool

Our last few days of summer before school starts and we all went to Aunt Joanne's pool. We all played in her pool, and spent some time with Pat before he leaves for college.
We had so much fun. Did I mention how spoiled we all were. Aunt Jo made us all lunch and of course goodies for dessert!!! It was the perfect way to end all of our summer. THANKS AUNT JOANNE!!!

Zac, Aunt Joanne and Alyssa

Alyssa, Katy and Tina


Tina, Alyssa and Katy

Aunt Patti, the girls and Pat

Eating Lunch

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Sunday, August 10, 2008


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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Parish Picnic and Vacation Bible School

Alyssa finished up with all her summer activites!!! Here are some pictures of her and her cousins at the St Clare Church parish picnic and vacation bible school. I am sad that summer is over and happy she is starting the first grade. It is a bittersweet moment for Jim and I. I hope all of you have enjoyed your summer as much as we have. Alyssa will start school on the 18th of August and I will have Zac all day. Just buddy and I, together one on one. I will keep you all posted throughtout the school year, so keep checking our blog for lots of fun photos, slideshows and news with the Thoman Family!!!:)))



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Friday, August 08, 2008


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