Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Alyssa is FANCY just like NANCY

Alyssa finally turned 7 years old....and boy did we all have a blast!!!! From family laughter, good food, and of course the best was a party to remember!!! The girls and guy (Zach)..put on a FANCY FASHION show!!! We had a CATWALK (red carpet), disco ball and music by Fergie (G..L..A..M..O..R..O..U..S) Each of the kids wore 2 outfits and strutted there stuff down the red carpet!! It really was so much fun. Afterward we sang happy gifts..pinata.. and then headed outside to catch lightening bugs!!! BUT that was interrupted when Uncle Brad and Aunt Joanne started to play scary with the kids....BOY was that fun!!! Thanks to all of you in the family for making Alyssa's birthday soooo special...We are so blessed to have such wonderful and fun family to embrace our children during such a fun time in there lives. It truly was a FABULOUS and FANCY party!!!
FANCY Alyssa and CHARMING Zachary

Alyssa's FANCY cake

The FANCY fashion show


I went to Goodwill on a mission:
To find the funkiest frame I could find...
Hello?!! FOUND IT!
A little glossy turquoise spray paint please.
Oh my goodness, I love those details.Okay, this frame would look fabulous on anything but I have something particular in mind.Flip the frame over and measure ribbon to stretch from top to bottom with a little extra and hot glue (I'd use a staple gun if your frame is made of wood) the ribbon, evenly spaced (mine are about 2 inches apart) to the top Then, when the glue is dry, glue it (or staple it) straight to the bottom of the frame. Let dry and finally, attach all of those little girly hair bows that are floating around your house
Seriously, so easy my friends.
WA LA, you have a "funky bow holder thingy".It's like art with a purpose... I love multi-tasking!

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cupcake is turning 7

I can't beleive a year has gone by so fast. Our little cupcake will turn 7 in a week. Just last year she got her first fish tank with 6 fish, now she is turning 7 so we went and got her 7 more fish. She loves her fish tank and surprisingly enough, she takes care of it. She has each one of them named and she feeds them every day. We are so proud of her. It really has taught her how to be responsible for taking care of something that she loves and values. Well, her swim season is about to come to an end and we all had such a wonderful experience. Swimming has been such a joy in all of our lives. Not only has it taught our cupcake a skill she can take with her forever in her life, but it has also taught her other valuable lessons... how to set goals and to achieve them, teamwork, confidence, determination, and spirit. All of what every single one of us should gain in our lives. Sports can be a real value in our little ones lives if it taught in a way to really bring out the best in our children. There is never a day that goes by that I don't ENCOURAGE my children to continue in the things that they love. Our family is truly blessed!! How about you... what are some of the ways that you encourage your children to become better in there lives?????

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Magical Fairy House

I found this idea from a fellow blogger buddy and I just had to share it. It is so enchanting and magical. Found the houses at Michaels. They were in the wood section. Painted it white, the paint was there too. Toad stools found at Target. We planted a pot that we already had and planted english moss and other plants that we thought fairies would like. We made a little pathway with the glass stones it the floral section at Michael's and also some moss that we added here and there. Then had for sale signs on popsicle sticks and after a few days the we had some fairies come and leave sparkles all over. They say you know when a fairy has visited when there is pixie dust around. It will be fun to see what our little home owners do next.

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Saturday, July 04, 2009


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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Celebrating Our Independence

What better way to celebrate our Independence but to make a fun Fourth of July craft.... Our church picnic.....and swimming with 2 OLYMPIC ATHLETE CHAMPIONS!!!! Boy if that is not all American I don't know what would be...other than maybe we are missing some good ole' fashion.......... APPLE PIE!!!

Alyssa's Hat

Posing with the new hats they just made!!!

Zac at our church picnic

Alyssa at our church picnic

Ben- Wildman-Tobriner, Alyssa and Josh Davis
Wearing 3 Olympic Gold medals
Ben swam in Beijing China with Michael Phelps
on the relay team. They won GOLD MEDALS!!!

Check out the video of Alyssa swimming against Ben Tobriner, Olympic Champion. So COOL!!!! I am sure glad Ben swims for our team the... USA...he is so fast!!!

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